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A pug looking at his treat in their owner's hand

Patient And Friendly Puppy Training For Your Little Pups In Westbury

Begin an amazing adventure with Frome Dog Training Club's obedience and puppy training in the town of Westbury! Our classes are crafted to be more than just lessons; they unfold as heartwarming tales of furry friendships and pivotal skill-building moments. When you come to our club, each session becomes an hour brimming with joy, laughter, and the essential building blocks of training for your beloved pup. It's an experience where your happy pups grow and transform, making every class an enriching experience for both you and your canine companion. Join us and let the chapters of learning and love unfold at Frome Dog Training Club!

Timings And Prices

🕖 When: Monday nights from 7:00 PM

💷 Cost: £7 per class

✅ Payment Structure: Pay weekly or every 6 weeks

Secure your spot in the joy-filled world of puppy training – where Westbury's pups become well-mannered stars! Enrol today at Frome Dog Training Club and let the tales of training and tail-wagging begin!

Read Our Reviews

Fun, Friendly, And Successful Training

“I have been taking my 6-year-old dog for a couple of months now, and we can really see a difference. My dog really pays attention to me during the sessions and waits for instructions. This is really paying off when we are out walking. It's also made a difference during the fireworks as she is focused on me rather than worrying and barking at the loud bangs. We both love our weekly training sessions.”

A beagle running with a ball in his  mouth

Frome Dog Training Club Is Ready To Nurture Your Pup's Potential. Reach Us On 01373 865219 For Joyful Puppy Training In Westbury

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