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An Australian shepherd jumping over the bars

Hoopers Training For Your Four-Legged Friends In Westbury

Embark on an adventure with Frome Dog Training Club's hoopers training in Westbury, an experience that’s as fun as it is enriching, where challenges are met with enthusiasm and finesse. Each session is a chance to build not just responsiveness but also a deeper sense of confidence in your furry companion. Come together for an evening filled with shared victories and the joy of witnessing your dog embrace the art of hoopers. We provide you and your dog with an unforgettable evening, where every gathering brings forth precious bonding moments, making each step a paw print in the story of your dog's growth!

Timings And Prices

🕖 When: Thursday nights from 6:30 PM

💷 Cost: £7 per class

✅ Payment Structure: Pay in 6-week blocks

Let the thrill of this dynamic challenges begin for your canine companion! Join the excitement at Frome Dog Training Club in Westbury for hoopers training. Contact us to book your slot and enhance the fun with furry accomplishments. Don't miss out!

Read Our Reviews

Amazing Training Club And Very Reasonably Priced Classes

“Excellent training for dogs of all ages; brilliant trainers who are very helpful and supportive. My dog is always very happy and excited to go to her classes.”

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Call Us On 01373 865219 So Your Dog Can Experience The Excitement Of Hoopers Training At Frome Dog Training Club In Westbury

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